I’m against Trump
I’m with

I’m against animal cruelty
I’m with

I’m for marriage equality
I’m with

I’m against Adani
I’m with

I’m for gender equality
I’m with

I’m against gun violence
I’m with

I’m against deforestation
I’m with

I’m against excessive CEO pay
I’m with

I’m against coal seam gas
I’m with

Your values are unique. Your superannuation should be too

You have a unique voice, social and political cause, that fits you.

That’s why you choose.

You choose the environmental, social or political cause that fits you.

Let your superannuation drive change.

Because you are a change maker – so don’t just sit there.

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Feel awesome knowing your super is making local communities, and the world at large, a better place.


Freedom of Choice

You are the boss - select the causes you want to support and we will invest your money accordingly.


Ease and Convenience

Select a cause and determine your risk appetite, and we will do the rest.



We don’t keep secrets - we will give you full transparency on where your money is being invested.

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