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Animal Welfare

You can choose to exclude companies which produce or sell meat, as well as those which test on animals, from your investments.

LGBT Rights

Move your super to invest in companies that rate highly on non-discrimination policies, domestic partner benefits, transgender inclusive benefits and organisational LGBT competency.

Gender Equality

You can fight the statistics and promote gender equality in the workplace by supporting the companies that support women.

Boycott Adani

Exclude Adani and the companies associated with Adani's Carmichael Mine from your super.

Boycott Fossil Fuels and Coal Seam Gas

Boycott companies involved in coal seam gas mining in Australia and the fossil fuel industry.

Dump Trump

Make a stand with your super and direct money into companies which have openly shown opposition to Trump, and exclude companies which sell Trump products.

Boycott Weapons

Say 'no' to companies that derive significant revenue from weapons and munitions sales.

Excessive CEO Pay

You can exclude companies whose executives have excessive salaries compared with their average employee salary from your super.


Boycott your super from companies contributing to deforestation that can make a change in their supply chain.

Invest for Good

The Good Super product provides ethical screens, excluding companies in: tobacco, weapons, gambling, alcohol, pornography, and human rights abuses.

Cash and Fixed Income

Invest in our Cash and Fixed Income portfolio to diversify your superannuation.

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