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Dump Trump

Trump’s decision-making is having dire consequences on the world we live in. The world deserves a better leader.

Stand up to Trump and make the change today.

Animal Welfare

Animals deserve the best protection, conservation and treatment that today’s world can afford. However, animal testing is a common practice in the development of cosmetic items. Animals every day experience inhumane living conditions and are unethically handled in food production.Your super can be divested from companies that do not have animal welfare as their priority. Animals deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. Animal suffering should not be a profitable business.

LGBT Rights

Everyone deserves the right to marry the person they love and care for. Despite progress, there are a few countries in today’s world that recognise the sanctity of marriage, in all its forms.

Move your super to invest in companies that rate highly on such things as non-discrimination policy, domestic partner benefits, transgender inclusive benefits and organisational LGBT competency.

Boycott Adani

If Adani commences the operation of the Carmichael Coal mega-mine in North Queensland, there likely to be be significant environmental consequences with the heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef at danger of pollution, climate change contributing CO2 emitted, and freshwater resources depleted.

If you do believe Australia’s precious resources should be preserved, choose to invest your super with Good, and boycott companies contracted to deliver the Carmichael Coal project.

Gender Equality

The gender-equality conversation continues, as women are still fighting for greater representation and equal entitlements in the workplace.

You can fight the statistics and promote gender equality in the workplace by supporting the companies that support gender equality.

Boycott Fossil Fuels and Coal Seam Gas

Coal Seam Gas (CSG) mining poses risks to agricultural businesses due to the competition for limited land and water resources, as well as damaging the Australian environment and impacting human health.

Coal Seam Gas Mining is unsustainable, boycott these companies.

Join the Movement

Individuals, directly, and indirectly, own 70 to 80% of publicly traded companies, so at the end of the day, it’s down to each person to do their bit. Good Super is giving the power back to you, as the individual.

You can make a difference, because you are not alone, your super is pooled with other members’ super, so that your total impact, together, is much bigger.

Let your super do something for you, and the world.

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