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At Good Super, we make it easy for you to invest in the causes that matter to you most. Simply select your cause and we will do the rest, investing your money with companies that align with your values.

Our Investment Philosophy 

Good Super recently announced a series of new investment options to provide our members to support a greater range of causes that matter to them. For more information on how your money is invested please click the learn more button below.

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Our Fees

The following table shows the fees and other costs you may be charged for investing in the Good Super option of Good Super and can be used to compare costs between different superannuation products. The fees and costs may be deducted from your account or from investment returns regardless if there are positive investment returns on the funds. More detailed information about the Good Super Plan can be found in the Product Disclosure Statement and Reference Guide.

Investment fee 0.20% For every $50,000 you have in the Balanced Option you will be charged $100 each year.
PLUS Administration fees $1.50 per week plus 1.40% And you will be charged $778 in administration fees each year.
PLUS Indirect costs for the Balanced Option Nil And, indirect costs of $0 each year will be deducted from your investment.
EQUALS Cost of product If your balance was $50,000, then for that year you will be charged fees of $878 for the Balanced Option.



Good Super provides automatic Life Insurance, Total and Permanent Disablement and Income Protection insurance cover (if you are employed) for Australian Resident members between the ages of 16 and 64, subject to conditions and exclusions, including a three year Pre-existing Condition Exclusion. Insurance cover commences immediately upon becoming a member of Good Super as long as you have sufficient funds to pay for your insurance premiums within 4 months of account opening. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement and Insurance Guide for further information.

For Employers

Make sure that you have a Good Super employer number. Click below to learn more about the various options to pay super online for your employees.

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Thank you for your interest in Good Super. Please click below to download Good Super’s documents including the Product Disclosure Statement and other important documents.

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