For Employers

In accordance with the regulation we now have a new way for employers to make super contributions through a clearing house. We have phased out our old method of accepting employer contributions. It has replaced entirely with the SuperChoice clearing house.

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Make sure that you have a Good Super employer number

If you don’t already have a Good Super employer number, get your employer number here. Alternatively, you can contact our friendly staff on or 1300 788 658. Just tell them the name of your company and they will give you an employer number.

You can pay super online for all your employees at the same time through one of the following online methods:

  • A clearing house accessible via visiting the clearing house page.
  • Other commercially available clearing house (fees and charges may apply). Please refer to the clearing house provider for more information.
  • The Government’s Small Business Superannuation Clearing House is available if you have 19 or fewer employees or have an annual aggregated turnover of less than $2 million.
  • Through your existing payroll provider. Your payroll provider may be able to arrange payment of super for your employees. Fees and charges may apply. Please contact your payroll provider for more information.

Ensure you have all of the necessary information

For example, if you use a clearing house to pay your employees’ super, you may need the following information:

ABN: 22 508 720 840
USI: 22 508 720 840 003
SFN: 511691058

Make your payment to Good Super

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Bank: Westpac Banking Corporation
BSB: 034 001
Account No: 262884
Account Name: Tidswell Financial Services Ltd Good Super
Account Ref: Your Good Super Employer Number


Note: It’s important to quote your employer number in the reference so we can match payments to your contribution details correctly.